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Phantom House Books is a publishing house in Wellington, New Zealand. Set up by Grant Sheehan in 1994, we specialise in photographic books, general non-fiction, and limited edition publications.

Our high-quality titles that reflect a range of interests from travel, architecture, lighthouses and landscapes, to cafés and motorsport. Our books are available to purchase here and in all good bookstores in New Zealand and online.

recent release

The Making of ‘Does Ava Dream?’ is the story behind the creation of Grant Sheehan’s single edition all-metal book, Does Ava Dream?

­It explores how an artificially intelligent species could develop dreaming, with striking visualisations of what those dreams might look like, how they might come about, and what the implications might be.

Oliver Goes to Stephens Island Lighthouse
Lucy Goes to the Lighthouse
Ivan and the Lighthouse
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